Description of Raphael's painting Self-Portrait

Description of Raphael's painting Self-Portrait

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The portrait of the painter and architect Raphael was completed by him in 1506, when his author was twenty-three years old. Against a neutral olive background, we observe a young man's face, located halfway to us. He looks from the picture with a slightly detached, dreamy look. It can be seen that the young man is full of heavy thought. His face is a little saddened, he hides inside his soul some secret worries and sufferings.

The structure of the face of the hero of the picture suggests that we have a decisive person, with a strong will and full of plans and a thirst for creativity. A hurricane of passions sleeps in him, but he shows us only a small fraction of his thoughts. This person knows how to hide his true feelings under the guise of polite indifference. He considers the audience unworthy to read in the eyes of all his lofty thoughts.

The young artist is dressed in a white shirt, over which he wears a strict black robe. Rafael has a small dark hat on his head. Thanks to such a detailed description of the appearance, we can say that the author of the canvas cared about his appearance, but did not want to be emphasized. He seeks to show a simple image, which in reality has been carefully thought out.

The dark tones of the canvas help us to feel sympathy for her character. Light greenish, golden, brown and orange shades give Raphael's work a delicate touch of melancholy. The artist uses a minimal set of colors, which allows you to focus only on the emotions depicted using the expression of the eyes of the hero of the canvas.

Self-portrait depicts all the best features of the artist, he is young and beautiful. The soft outlines of mysterious eyes, an elegant straight nose and delicate lips give the image a slight femininity, a relaxed posture and magnificent posture convey nobility.

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