Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Rowan"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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The theme of nature has always excited creative people in Russia. Therefore, endless expanses were extolled, artists sang beautiful centuries-old trees, which for residents are an image of power and worship.

One of such artists of the twentieth century - I.E. Grabar, decided to capture in his works the trees known to everyone, which cannot leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, we see how we see the picture "Rowan", in which the colors of nature shimmer in the sun, which creates a feeling of exactly how beautiful our fields look, because they have a lot of beautiful things.

Typically, such a landscape inspires everyone, and that is why teachers choose it as the theme of the composition.

When you first look at the landscape, you will soon realize that the author chose it for a reason. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to admire the gifts of the Russian land.

But in the foreground, you can clearly see that there is a mountain ash, which, judging by the color of the leaves, is preparing to dump them and go to the side of autumn. It is seen that ripe clusters of mountain ash are poured, because the red color, the color of autumn, symbolizes the collection of fruits, summing up. Nearby, at the edge of the forest, a small village is visible, in which the peak of autumn - field work is probably taking place. It boils with its hectic life, while the forest has its own laws - quiet, fading, preparation for winter.

But then we see how on both sides of the red rowan tree there are two slender birches, which are not inferior in beauty and grace to their main character. All the same openwork and gorgeous gold earrings hanging on branches. Just imagine how lucky the artist was at that time. After all, such beauty is not possible to simply retell. In the background you can see a field dotted with wheat or rye. All this gives the impression of a full-fledged beautiful picture of late autumn, when nature is preparing for the onset of winter.

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