Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "My Home"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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In the picture, you can observe the processes of color conversion, from dark to light shades. Difficult colors and their arrangement are collected here.

In the center of the picture is an image of a woman with amazing plasticity. The flowing lines of her silhouette demonstrate her femininity. She is dressed in an Indian sari muted orange. The universal energy of life force radiates from it. Black hair is selected and laid and covered over a dark blue fabric - a symbol of the mind. A decoration is visible on her wrist, perhaps it is a bracelet - a symbol of protection. She is barefoot, which can be described with freedom and independence. Facial features are blurred, but decisiveness is guessed in them.

Her big eyes are very highlighted. A woman is represented in the way of life itself, and her attire speaks of India itself. Perhaps for Roerich, India is the very house that he thinks about, loves, remembers and honors. A woman is moving forward, this can be judged by the location of her figure, limbs and the rotation of the body itself. Around her, the process of renewing life is constantly happening. This is evidenced by the colors surrounding her. She moves along the yellow path, nourished by the echoes of a solar deity.

She is in a continuous process of vital renewal. It goes from dark tones to lighter and brighter. Behind her a gloomy past, a beautiful future awaits. Her gaze is fixed back to the past, as if in thought to take something good from him.

Behind the female image, a window into the unknown infinity is allegedly depicted. Inside the window, life processes are raging, presented in a variety of colors. A lot of green streams, made in a circular form, as if separating and protecting the space. Green color symbolizes the plant world and exudes the joy of the whole picture.

Above Eternal Peace

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