Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Evening”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Evening”

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The picture of the Russian artist Nikolai Petrovich Krymov “Evening”, written by him in 1920, takes us to the shore of an unnamed river, surrounded by tall dark trees. The picture already shows a deep evening, not a soul around, and only a lonely boat sways on tired water, tied to a pole with a rope.

On the banks of the rivulet a small house, apparently the owner of the boat, is depicted. Although the light of a dying day is still visible in the distance, the whole night is celebrated throughout the mood of the picture. Darkness is also created by trees, a wall standing along the banks of the river. Reflection of trees in dark water enlivens the picture a bit. A piece of sandy shore and a rare light that comes through the foliage of majestic trees are reflected in Water.

In the foreground is a powerful trunk of a lonely tree, which gives solidity to this picture. And although there is no image of a person in the picture, his presence is still felt. It seems as if a person had just tied the boat to the shore and entered the house in order to rest after hard work. The man in this case seems small against the backdrop of this majestic nature.

Krymov often turned to the image of evening time in his landscapes. But each of him has his own special mood, different from the others. And at the same time, in all Krymov’s landscapes, the artist’s love for Russian nature and for the careful attitude of man to the world around him is felt. Although the world of a country man is limited to his small homeland, so beloved to the heart of a Russian man.

The artist uses a pale palette of colors with deep dark, but not quite gloomy tones. The image seems to be blurry, emerging through the veil of impending sleep. One feels that night will come soon, silence and peace. But the picture does not cause a feeling of hopelessness, because tomorrow morning will come and the owner of the boat will take up his daily affairs.

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