Description of Valentin Serov's painting “In Winter”

Description of Valentin Serov's painting “In Winter”

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Painting V.A. This is one of the best works of the artist. Country nature is familiar to Serov. Open space is bordered by forest on the horizon, in the foreground is a discreet barn. A horse-drawn sled leaves from behind the barn. The movement of the sled allows you to enjoy the moment captured by the artist.

Softness in performance, muted colors, a complex combination of gray, brown and white colors, all this gives a feeling of a quiet and calm winter day.

The simplicity of the image, and the small forest in the distance, the horse-drawn sleigh and the barn in the foreground convey a lot of meaning. Here you can see the deep meaning conveyed by the artist’s painting. White-gray scale, numerous halftones and complex performance will not allow to dryly list the contents of the picture. Here, the artist emotionally conveys the literary image of the village and the villager of that time. This is a quiet calm, winter dream of nature, and this image is conveyed with the help of the artist’s skill.

Landscape “Winter” is an example of Serov’s skill. Here you can evaluate the accuracy of the transmission of the wood of the shed, forest visible in the distance, snowdrifts in the field, and trampled and crushed snow on the road. It is amazing how accurately the forest is depicted, quiet calm, because this is exactly what the village looks like in winter.

Each element of the picture is made easily, but at the same time carries its own semantic load. After the appearance of the painting, it has a great response from Russian artists, and has a strong influence on the development of the landscape.

The landscape is made in Domotkanovo. It was exhibited in 1899 in St. Petersburg with the name "In the Village".

The painting is in the State Russian Museum.

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