Description of the painting by Yefim Volkov “Sea”

Description of the painting by Yefim Volkov “Sea”

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The painting by Efim Efimovich Volkov “The Sea” belongs to the genre of realistic landscape painting. Today it is in the collection of the Lipetsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, where anyone can see it in the central exhibition.

The artist himself gravitated towards democratic views, so he strove to describe the surrounding nature as it is, which, however, does not deprive his picture (and he worked mainly in the landscape genre) of a special soft charm and some mystery.

In the picture we are considering, the sea is in a state of excitement. Clearly written foaming waves run onto a thin strip of land, and it seems that they are about to take a small wooden boat on the shore to the vast expanses of water. The water is cloudy, greenish in color, which also indicates the internal disturbance of the elements, raising sea sand, algae and small inhabitants of the water to the surface.

From above, the sky, slightly dark, seemingly husky, looks at the splendor of a sea-agitated landscape. Near a thunderstorm and, possibly, a storm, while nature is only preparing for this terrible triumph of its strength and omnipotence.

The picture is made in large strokes, which creates a special spectator effect, if you look at it from afar, it seems that the sea comes to life and quite close to the noise breaking waves on the shore.

It seems to the viewer that the picture also tells about his fate, the fate of a little man who also found himself in the elements of life, which is ready to devour him like this little fragile boat standing on a sandy shore. However, everything is still in a state of uncertainty, it is possible that in an hour or two the sea will calm down, the clouds will disperse, the sun will look out, and this boat will still remain peacefully on the ground.

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