Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Children”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Children”

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Painting by Serov V.A. “Children” was painted in 1899 as a group portrait, but it turned out to be quite diverse work. This picture depicts 2 sons of V.A. Surova. This is 7-year-old Sasha and 5-year-old Jura. They are the main characters of the picture. These boys are standing on the terrace of the summer house.

The older boy's gaze is fixed in the distance, at the view of the Gulf of Finland and the evening sky that unfolds before him. The younger brother is looking at the viewer. This genre picture, but also a portrait of 2 boys. Both boys are dressed alike. At the same time, both boys are quite similar, they have dark hair, they curl, and randomly fall on their forehead.

In the picture, one can trace the difference in the characters of children. The older brother is watching intently the picture of the evening bay that opened before him, the younger one is looking thoughtfully forward thoughtfully. The characters of the children are subtly noticed and expertly depicted thanks to their gestures and postures. The objectivity of the transmission of this character is conveyed so that the child is left alone, and calmly watches what is happening around.

In addition to the main characters, children, the artist depicted in detail the bay that opened to the viewer, small boats moored to the shore. Some swim in the water in the distance.

All the images conveyed by the artist are successfully and harmoniously connected with each other. The water surface, and the darkening sky, show that the artist wanted to show the evening sky, heavy clouds.

The picture before us is a portrait, a genre scene, and a landscape. Serov painted this picture not for order, but for himself. Both boys turned out in natural poses, they merge with the landscape. We are faced with a single plot. It is easy enough for the viewer to catch this mood, which the artist wanted to convey, and in which he himself was when he painted this portrait.

The painting is in the State Russian Museum.

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