Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Fresh Cavalier”

Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Fresh Cavalier”

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The painting was painted in 1846. Fedotova's “Fresh Cavalier” conveys to the viewer an episode from the life of an official. The official received his first award - the Order - and appears to us as the main character of the picture. His pride and arrogance attracts the eye.

The artist portrayed his hero in a caricature that evokes a smile from the viewer. After all, the order received by the official is the lowest award that the official of those times could receive. But the main character, a petty official, sees in this award a career advancement. He dreams of a different life.

The situation in the hero’s room is not rich and explains the reaction of the hero to such a low award.

The comic nature of the image was due to the contrast of his image. In the picture he is depicted in a huge dressing gown, barefoot, in papillots, standing in a wretched room. The dressing gown is wearing a reward. A serious expression on the background of the dressing gown and home decor makes you smile. After all, the gentleman brags to his servant. Most likely, he has no one else to show his reward. The maid’s look is condescending. She did not stop doing her daily business, and stands next to the gentleman, holding her boots in her hands.

The hero’s room is small, many things are piled on top of each other. On the dining table, which is most likely a worker, lies a sausage sliced ​​on a newspaper. Fish bones are lying under the table. There is a mess in every corner of the room, things are piled on top of each other. The uniform hangs on two chairs, everywhere there are some things. On one of the chairs, a cat tears upholstery.

Hero’s papillots and hair curling tongs, which lie here on the table, speak of the hero’s desire to be fashionable and well-groomed.

But all the things of the hero, there is no proper care for them. The image of the hero and his desire to be higher in rank than he is, looks ridiculous and ridiculous. Even the cat on the chair is thin and groomed.

The painting "Fresh Cavalier" gives information about the life and traditions of the 1st half of the 19th century. It has irony and human emotions.

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