Description of the painting by Rembrandt "Night Watch"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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The painting “Night Watch” was painted by the Dutch artist, Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Reim in 1642. In the 18th century, the canvas was cut from all sides so that it could fit in the hall. The time of day in the picture is evening or night. Behind the heroes' backs is a wall with a semicircular arch, and behind it a dark void. Concave columns, rims and piers adorn the wall. A closed window is pushed forward in the upper right. On the pillar of the arch there is an oval-shaped plate with the names of sitters, which is crowned with the head of a cherub and framed by a wreath.

The parapet with a stone column limits the stairs to the left, and on the right side ends behind Lieutenant van Reutenbürch. Some researchers claim that in general terms the scenery resembles existing places, namely the gates of St. Anthony, near which the guards stood on patrol.

The picture shows the moment at which Captain Kok gives the order to speak to Lieutenant Reitenburg. You can see how the drummer tries to knock out a shot, and the dog tries to bark at him and the ensign turns a banner. In the picture, even the shooters' clothing details are in motion. The moment of construction is approaching.

In the foreground is a girl in a golden dress, surrounded by symbols related to musketeers. On her belt she has a cock and a gun, and in her left hand she holds a horn for wine. What role does she play?

This picture is a group portrait, which was paid for by all the arrows depicted here, but Rembrand also portrayed random observers, as a result of which the portrait was turned into a multi-color scene with a street meeting. Bright rays illuminate figures, lace, faces, brocade clothes and many other details. Everyone is waiting for the construction and in different things: who is swinging a spear, who is busy loading the musket, who is knocking on the drum, who is looking around.

Everyone is waiting for the team, they can’t wait to act as a common military formation, proudly marching in front of friends and relatives. After all, they are the defenders of the city! Now the picture is stored in Amsterdam at the State Museum.

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