Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Winter” (Winter Forest)

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Winter” (Winter Forest)

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This is the period of the artist’s mature work, who has long wanted to start writing the winter forest mysteriously constrained by cold and frost. Shishkin painted this picture in 1890, in which he manages to convey with the help of white shades a winter forest that has fallen asleep under the snow. He seemed to be petrified, frozen in a daze before the onset of heat and spring. And only powerful tree trunks darken against a snow-white background.

It can be seen that it was snowing, so the branches hang down under a load of snow. Amazingly their greatness, over which you can admire for hours. The impassable and gloomy forest combined with light and airy snow makes the viewer feel the full power of nature and the onset of cold weather. Young Christmas trees also lurked under a snow cover.

And only a small ray of sunshine barely, barely penetrates through this thicket, into the kingdom of a small glade lurking in the foreground of the picture and paints it with the golden light of sunlight. Broken trunks and tree branches lie in a clearing. Perhaps they collapsed, unable to withstand the severity of snow or natural elements. But the gaze is fixed on a single gap deepened in the picture among the darkness of the forest, filled with light - a clearing.

Silence and peace, beauty and dead, like crystal crystal wrapped in snow nature, everything fell asleep around. There is no human or animal footprint in the snow, this gives the picture the absence of any life. The image is so real that, it seems, only reach out your hand and you can feel everything in reality. The picture is mysterious and mysterious, fabulous.

And if you look closely, you can see that the author used a lot of grayish and yellow shades for the image, this gave her a kind of play of light. And the forest is not at all deserted. Here on one of the branches a bird lurks, which surprises the eye in the midst of a winter landscape.

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