Description of Claude Monet's painting “Walk”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Walk”

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Claude Monet is one of the famous artists of the 19th century. Many consider him the founder of the direction in painting - impressionism.

The artist, with his family lives in Argenteuil, he draws a lot of his wife Camilla. One of these works, written in 1875, is the painting “Walk. A lady with an umbrella ”, she is also known under the name“ Camila Monet with her son Jean ”. The painting depicts the first wife of Monet with his eldest son, Jean.

This work is the most famous of Monet's early works of impressionism. The artist portrayed his wife standing on a hill on a background of blue sky with running snow-white clouds. She is dressed in a light light blue dress, and in her hands is a summer umbrella. Everything around is flooded with bright sunshine, from which it follows that the weather in the picture is quite hot. A beautiful woman and a small child, as if dissolved in the rays of sunlight.

Little Jean is a little further away in the picture, and therefore, the viewer's eyes are focused on Camille, so airy and beautiful. Her hair, a dress skirt and a scarf develop in a light breeze, and from the clouds running across the sky, the impression of airiness of the entire space of the canvas is created, enhancing its dynamism. The glance of the young woman is a little surprised, as if, having seen the artist, she is a little embarrassed by the fact that she was caught off guard. But she is in no hurry to leave, as she is overcome by curiosity.

Monet did not focus on nature, he only depicted creatures under the unearthly beauty, a green meadow and at the top of a tree branch, under which Camilla stands. Earth united with sky celebrates the triumph of nature. A little boy stands at a distance, like an observer who is watching with curiosity.

The painting “Walk” is very positive and bright, radiating happiness and love, and at the same time conveying something unearthly that hides behind the clouds running into the distance and the blue sky. The artist managed to convey and combine together the unearthly with the earthly, eternity with ordinary life.

4 years later, after the creation of this picture, Camille will die of tuberculosis, but her image on the canvas will remain forever flowering and young, giving joy to everyone who looks at the picture. The painting is stored in Washington at the National Gallery of Art.

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