Description of the painting Georgia About Kiff From the Lake

Description of the painting Georgia About Kiff From the Lake

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Two and a half thousand works. That is how much the American artist Georgia O Kiff created in 70 years from 99 lived in the world. And although her favorite subjects were plants and, strangely enough, skulls and bones of animals, among hundreds of works there are also such as the presented painting “From the Lake”.

Try to describe the sea. And the earth? The moon? Either nothing good will come out, or there will not be enough paper to talk about those feelings and thoughts that arise when looking at such objects. Something like this happens when you come across O Kiff's work. Because the image of something, for example, a flower that appears on her canvases, if you look closely, is very reminiscent of a female bosom, "conspiracy" of delicate petals.

The plot of the picture "From the Lake" is not defined, because it simply does not exist. A mixture of lines, faces, shapes - like waves that have risen to the surface of a still calm lake, playing with saturated colors and tones. Do not expect to see anything coming up, or anyone coming out of a body of water, as stated in the title. It is unlikely that someone will appear from there.

Just admire the imagination of the author of the work, on which, as you know, perhaps, see something completely different, not noticed before. This is like a mystery, and the more you peer into this canvas, the more you plunge into a whirlpool of intangible emotions. After all, as you know, for a creator there is nothing worse than telling others what his work is actually about.

Everyone is obliged to "walk" and "conceive" alone, and when the "insight" comes - to get incomparable pleasure from the mental work done. Therefore, if you did not immediately understand what the picture “From the Lake” was about, get to know the artist’s other paintings, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful because you do not know who Georgia O Kiff is.

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