Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Second Portrait of Adele”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Second Portrait of Adele”

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Gustav is an Austrian artist. The second portrait of Adele, Gustav painted in 1912. This painting is one of the ten most expensive art masterpieces in the world. What is the history of this model? Adele Bloch-Bauer was the wife of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, who was one very wealthy industrialist of those times.

Ferdinand loved art and sponsored various art forms, including art. Therefore, Gustav received material resources from Ferdinand, by virtue of his creative personality. Adele was written by Gustav twice, and this is an isolated case in his creative life. From this we can conclude that Ferdinand very well sponsored him.

Description of the picture. Adele’s face and hands are painted exclusively in cool tones, which makes the picture more realistic. They are the visual dominant in the awareness and perception of the picture by the human eye. The ornamental description of the remaining elements of the model is distinguished and distinguished by hands and face from the overall picture. The composition can be divided into two parts.

The right part of the canvas depicts Adele herself, while the left part is fraught with a hint, just a small hint of the interior. The left part of the picture is almost empty and allows a person to plunge into the world of imagination. There is another part of the picture, the bottom. She is filled with the hem of Adele’s dress.

Gustav preferred to depict a plane rather than the perspective of depth on this model. All space (dress, walls, armchair) is forced out due to the golden background. Therefore, such a space looks exclusively like two-dimensional figures located next to Adele.

If you look at the picture in detail, you can see a woman with a graceful figure sitting on an armchair. The entire vertical of the canvas is occupied by this woman, leaving no more space for anything else. Light tones are emphasized by the contrast of Adele's black hair and a large, non-proportional red company. The woman's gaze is fixed on the viewer, thereby increasing visual perception. And Adele holds her hands in front of her breasts.

The dress emphasizes the figure of a woman, it is tight-fitting. A shawl is thrown over the dress, flowing from the hands down the picture. In this part of the picture, tones of gold also prevail. A wide strip of triangles (double row) and a thin border made of rectangles give the beauty and originality of the neckline of Adele's dress.

The cape contains a spiral ornament, figures resembling leaves and slightly noticeable folds. She is a little lighter than the tones of the dress. Armchair in golden tones. It is emphasized exclusively through a spiral pattern. A common accent is given to the color accent, using a fragment of the floor in green shades. Also this fragment gives more stability to the model.

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